KAYAK’s New Heat Map Helps You Pick Your Travel Accomodation By Showing You Where The Action Is

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“Powered by GeoPopularity service AVUXI, the heat map will help you choose the best locations to visit — and in extension, stay — instantly. It even allows you to toggle through sightseeing, shopping, eating, and nightlife spots, to adapt to the type of traveller that you are.”

KAYAK heat map by AVUXI

“Visual tools like KAYAK’s heat map may be the future to travel research. The tedious process of sifting through lists and lists of options may have been the prime of online travel planning for some time, but it is now making way for a quicker, split-second decisions. The map view for accommodations is now a staple for most travel websites, but the heat map adds yet another layer of intricacy, putting context to a country or a city you have yet to explore. Batches of information displayed in a way that is relevant to travellers, whether for spontaneous trips, short weekend getaways, or even long trips for lazy planners.

We’resurprised that travel planning sites hadn’t thought of this sooner.”

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