TopPlace™ Location Explorer

Location Context for Business Intelligence

The TopPlace™ Location Explorer allows you to quickly gain business intelligence insights that would normally take weeks of work. It is an inexpensive & easy-to-use tool that helps to easily view, compare and decide which are the best locations for a property investment, purchase or lease.

The Location Explorer is an intuitive online service that fetches, aggregates and analyzes location data from millions of data points, to convert them into location context.

A simple way to reduce costs and maximize results

Thanks to TopPlace™ Location Explorer you will know:

Where are the best areas to open a business?

A map doesn’t show how good is an area for a particular business. TopPlace™ location context layers allow a quick understanding of any city area.

How many great locations are there?

Every city is different. Some have more high potential locations than others. TopPlace™ makes it easy to find and understand the best city locations.

Why are some places better than others?

Some locations are more strategic than others. Compare chosen locations using a variety of location scores and nearby points of interest.

Create a list of location markers that you can easily export to work in excel, use the Location Scores to compare the chosen locations in an easy to manage way.

  • TopPlace™ Heat Maps that quickly show you the most popular areas in a city for different activity categories.
  • Isochrones for a better grasp of the nearby areas within walking time.
  • TopPlace™ Location Scores calculated in real time for a quick comparison.
  • Nearby POIs by categories.
  • Subway lines and stations for faster understanding of the chosen places connectivity within a city.


  • Save valuable timeget results in minutes instead of weeks collecting, organizing, processing and benchmarking location data
  • Save efforts & costs on data acquisition, maintenance and updates
  • Affordable & clear pricing – starting at only 59 €/month

Easy To Use

Get valuable results in under 5 minutes:

  • Project signup & setup < 2 min
  • Adding location markers < 2 min
  • Comparing results < 1 min

How To Get Started?

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