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What we do

Data tracking

We analyze geo-tagged BigData from multiple sources. Currently we have data on more than 200 million venues and update it daily.


All the tracked data is cleaned, filtered, categorized and then constantly monitored. We process over 2 million activity signals every hour.


Our carefully crafted algorithms generate a profile and TopPlace™ GeoPopularity scores for social activity categories, areas and places.


The resulting insights make it easy for businesses and consumers alike to make much faster and more accurate decisions.

Our products


TopPlace™ Location Page

Add all essential location knowledge summarized in one page – a combined set of a map and the most popular TopPlace™ products.


TopPlace™ Location Scores

Complement your accommodation information with location scores, nearby top points of interest and public transport.


TopPlace™ Location Descriptions

Reduce the workload of your team, improve the quality of the location information displayed and enhance your site SEO.


TopPlace™ Map Layers

Display best areas in the chosen category, points of interest and public transport – over your map.

What our customers say


“We integrated AVUXI maps into our hotel product. This was a very easy process and we saw benefits just in a few days.”

Ralf Boeck
SVP Technology, KAYAK


“We are very happy with the product. TopPlace allows our customers to pick the perfect hotel room in just the right location.”

Hussein Fazal
CEO, SnapTravel


The implementation was very easy. We’ve been able to enhance our site implementing TopPlace Location Scores.”

Alon Eldar
CEO, Only-apartments

Increase the value of your service & improve results

Increase value

TopPlace™ products help retain your visitors on your site, increase conversions and increase the average booking value.

Make customers happy

Your customers receive instant location context that lets them make great decisions. All on your website, quick & easy.

Save time & costs

Deploy in minutes, save months. TopPlace™ is faster and easier than building your own integration, and you won’t need to write any code.

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