The Location Page: a one page TopPlace™ summary

TopPlace™ Location Page for Travel

What is the TopPlace™ Location Page?

The Location Page combines the various products TopPlace™ Suite offers into a single, easy to integrate module, including the basemaps (NEW!).

TopPlace™ Suite is a leading Location Knowledge product set tailored for the online travel industry. It provides essential location context by highlighting the most attractive areas and venues, worldwide.

The TopPlace™ Location Page offers the most relevant information regarding any single location and its surroundings in an easy to understand, unified format.

TopPlace™ Location Page

Whom is it for?

The Location Page is mainly designed for OTA and Metasearch sites looking to provide their users with a richer, better quality service. It is specifically designed to be part the page detailing a single accommodation property. The Location Page allows to easily replace the default generic map with more meaningful and relevant location content.

Any address, hotel or vacation rental, can be provided with easy to understand location highlights. This allows travellers to quickly understand and decide what is the best location for their stay, without the need to leave the booking site to look for location information elsewhere.


  • Worldwide coverage. Coverage for all hotels & apartments (even brand new listings).
  • Several TopPlace products combined. The Location Page includes Location Scores, Map Layers, Points of Interest and Transport.
  • Basemaps included. The Location Page includes a basemap by default, as part of the product.
  • Easy to integrate. Requires only a few lines of code to be added to a website.
  • Customizable. There are different templates available, which can be customized through the easy to use wizard or through CSS. Custom made Location Pages can be produced upon request.


  • Immediate improvement of the user experience, impacting user loyalty
  • Free-up developer resources – no need to have specialized developers & data scientists on your payroll working on location insights – it’s all ready
  • Zero data maintenance & updates costs – use the most recent location data available without spending resources to stay up-to-date – we’ve done it for you
  • Zero R&D costs – new products and features become available as we develop new location products – you’ll always have the latest in location insights
  • Zero infrastructure & traffic costs – our servers take care of the processing and serving of our Maps tiles, Heat Maps, Location Score Elements, POIs etc – save on costs
  • Significant savings in maps licensing costs

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