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Example of a TopPlace™ Location Description in use, in combination combined with TopPlace™ Location Scores. Example of a TopPlace™ Location Description Text on a website, in combination with TopPlace™ Location Scores.


Location, Location, Location!

Location defines the desirability and price of any hotel, accommodation and Real Estate property.

The Location Descriptions provide essential location context to website visitors during the booking and property search process, increasing the amount of quality leads.

Additionally, the Location Descriptions reduce the workload of your team, improve the quality of the location information displayed and enhance your site SEO.


AVUXI’s TopPlace Location Description widget is a component that can be integrated into any webpage. It will display a textual description of the location for any address worldwide. The text is created based on the venues and amenities located within a reasonable walking or driving distance.

The descriptions are created using large amounts of constantly updated location data of the most relevant nearby points of interest.

A richer Location Context can be achieved by combining the Location Descriptons with Location Scores and the Location Page, providing built-in scores, maps, area layers, POIs and more:

TopPlace™ Location Context - Location Descriptions


  • Generate more Quality Leads
  • Enhance your User Experience with better Location Context – help users make informed decisions, faster
  • Save time and resources – with a quick & easy integration, improve your service with a ready-built product that is multilingual and scalable

Easy Integration

It takes less than 30 minutes for 1 developer to integrate the TopPlace™ Location Descriptions. You can have the widget live after just three 3 quick steps:

  • 1st step: Sign Up to the platform and choose the TopPlace Products subscription (it’s free).
  • 2nd step: Create a project and choose the “Location Descriptions” script.
  • 3rd step: Copy-paste the short code snippet that is shown in the setup instructions. Example:
<div id="app" data-avuxi-key='YOUR_SCRIPT_TOKEN' data-language='es' data-latitude='41.39029' data-longitude='2.140638' data-mode='walk'></div>
<script type="module" src=""></script>

See detailed integration instructions here.

Use It For Free

FREE until you reach a threshold of 1000 widget loads per month.

For websites with higher traffic our pricing is still very affordable, especially when compared to well known map and location data providers.

Note that we don’t charge separate fees for different categories or templates. It’s all included in the product. So, no “surprises” in your bill.

Getting Started

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