TopPlace™ Location Scores Match

TopPlace™ Location Scores Match enables OTAs, Metasearch and Vacation Rental sites to match every hotel or apartment in their database with detailed location rating scores.

TopPlace™ Location Scores are matched to all hotel and vacation rental properties in a database to enrich them with relevant location score values. These values are primarily used to enhance search results algorithms, but can be used for a variety of other purposes too.

Quick example: a popular travel destination city like Barcelona has over 3.000 hotels and many more vacation rentals. There’s a limited amount of listings that can fit on the first page of search results. Given that location is a top criteria when choosing accommodation, making sure the results shown first are the best options location wise significantly increases bookings.

TopPlace™ Location Scores Match is a stand-alone product provided on request. For more information contact us.

TopPlace Location Scores Match
Location Scores Match sample preview
Example of TopPlace Location Scores Match file

The product is provided as a data dump file. The scores provided in the Location Scores Match file are a more detailed version of our Location Score Elements, which cover popular Sightseeing, Eating, Shopping and Nightlife areas worldwide.

To conceptually understand how TopPlace™ Location Scores are generated, have a look at “What are GeoPopularity Scores?” 

Location Scores Match draws on the same intelligence as Location Score Elements product, but is matched to specific hotels and apartments.

Location Score Elements
  • What is it?

    Location Scores for each accommodation displayed to your visitors

  • Where is it used?


  • How we assign scores?

    Location Scores are displayed for any place in the world using the place’s coordinates

  • Benefits

    Visitors instantly see how good a location is for their interests

  • Result

    Booking decision made quickly and without leaving your website

Location Scores Match
  • What is it?

    Data file with Location Scores that you can download to work with

  • Where is it used?


  • How we assign scores?

    You send us hotels & apartments coordinates and we return matched Location Scores

  • Benefits

    Enhance the ranking of your hotels & apartments or create filters

  • Result

    Presented with the relevant search results, your visitors are more likely to book