Geomob Podcast with AVUXI’s CEO

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Last week the Geomob podcast with Ed Freyfogle and AVUXI’s CEO Alexis Batlle got published.

You can listen to the podcast at the Geomob Podcast page, or by clicking below.

Note: The interview was recorded before the Covid-19 crisis really gained momentum and declared a pandemic. While the virus is having a dramatic impact on the travel industry, it was not discussed in this interview. The conversation is about the challenges creating location products for the travel industry and some of the general trends, including the emergence of Google as a competitor to many travel booking sites. These topics will become even more relevant after the crisis period.

Geomob is a leading organizer of regular events in European cities for location based service creators and enthusiasts. The events take place every few months, and provide a relaxed forum to learn about and discuss geo-innovation across all sectors of business and life.

AVUXI has previously been presented at Geomob events in London and Barcelona.

The Geomob Podcast is hosted by Ed Freyfogle, co-founder of OpenCage, and Steven Feldman, of KnowWhere Consulting. They discuss themes from the geo industry, interview Geomob speakers, and provide regular updates about their own geo projects.

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