Announcing the new TopPlace™ API

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After receiving many inquiries we’ve decided to make our new TopPlace™ API available to select clients and partners.

In essence the API provides the same data that is used to generate our plug & play Location Scores:

  • Location Scores (for each of the 4 activity categories: Sightseeing, Eating, Shopping and Nightlife)
  • Nearby Top Venues & POIs (most popular venues for each category near a given coordinate)
  • Venue display Language (includes both the original and translated versions of venue names)

There are many potential uses, here are a few:

  • Enhanced hotel search options (for example:best hotel locations for nightlife”)
  • Enhanced programmatic ranking of hotels & apartments (to achieve a more relevant and targeted display order for hotel listings)
  • Custom made applications & use of top POIs (customized maps, native apps etc)
  • Improved targeting of advertising campaigns (better SEO)

The API provides data with worldwide coverage.

The new TopPlace™ API is already available via the AVUXI Dashboard, but activation needs to be requested separately. We’re granting access on a case-by-case basis.

The new API is more intuitive and very easy to use, here are some screenshots:

TopPlace™ API v2
Screenshot 1: TopPlace™ API


Screenshot 2: TopPlace™ API v2
Screenshot 2: TopPlace™ API


Screenshot 3: TopPlace™ API v2
Screenshot 3: TopPlace™ API

We strongly encourage using our plug & play TopPlace suite, because it’s a much easier and faster way to integrate our products. However, in some specific cases an API may be a more suitable option. If that is your case, feel free to request your API access via the AVUXI Dashboard.