AVUXI Locates A Way For OTAs And Metas To Lift Conversions

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“In an online travel context, maps are part of the decision-making process. Business travellers need to know how to get from their hotel to a meeting; leisure travellers need to know where their hotel is in relation to the attractions and activities planned.

AVUXI believes that maps could have a bigger role to play in helping suppliers increase conversion rates and revenues. So it has developed a portfolio of products which, it believes, takes mapping to the next level and which can be integrated into booking flow.

Before the Q&A, here’s a one-minute video pitch to introduce the concept.

Tnooz take:

The fact that maps are featured prominently within most hotel search results (or are at least an option) means that AVUXI is working in a familiar part of the online travel market – “we can help you raise conversion rates by making your maps better” is a fairly straightforward proposition.

Its ability to generate heatmaps (as shown in the video above) showing where the hotel is located in relation to specific activities is a visually compelling way to engage with the OTAs or metas users. It also crosses over into the “live like a local” zeitgeist, with a hotel’s location becoming increasingly important for many travellers.

Having KAYAK as a client is pretty strong validation that its technical and commercial credentials.”

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