Announcing TopPlace™ free tier and new pricing


Over the past months we’ve received a lot of interest in our products, ranging from leading travel industry players to new innovative startups trying to improve on the travelers’ online booking processes.

Since we started working on TopPlace™ our goal has been to make the travel experience better and easier for as many people on the planet as possible. However, providing a quality service has its costs (we currently orchestrate 80 servers across 3 continents).

While larger companies with high traffic can instantly see the benefit of using our products, smaller startup companies often need more time to obtain significant results before adding another bill to their monthly costs.

Today we are excited to announce that after months of hard work and many platform iterations, we have managed to bring our costs down while increasing server capacity. We are now able to start offering a free service tier for sites with smaller amounts of traffic. This will allow early stage companies to start benefiting from our technology at no initial cost.

Visit our pricing page to learn more.