Recap after AVUXI’s first week at KAYAK


It has been 1,5 weeks since we started our time at KAYAK’s Berlin office.

For now, we can just say “Wow!”. That describes the experience so far.

We have been made feel truly welcome by every member of the team, regardless of their position in the company. For such a large office, it is very quiet and relaxed, with a really good ambience. While being very friendly and easily available, everyone is very focused on their work (with some occassional breaks to have a snack or briefly catch-up in the kitchen or play some ping-pong).

AVUXI's desk next to KAYAK's SEM team
AVUXI’s desk next to the SEM team

It has been just over a week and we feel like we’ve been here for so much longer, almost as part of the team. It really feels like being inside a large, well functioning startup, relatively informal, but very proactive and where everyone knows well how to contribute to the common goal.

Most remarkably, in this short time we have already integrated our solution on KAYAK’s website!

AVUXI Maps - heatmaps on KAYAK
AVUXI Maps integrated on KAYAK’s website

Looking forward for the coming weeks!

Photos by Monica De Alwis