Announcing TopPlace™ Location Page

Nowadays every travel booking site provides location information about the accommodation options they offer. Location is a top criteria when choosing a place to stay. It is a key part of the description of any hotel or vacation rental. Everyone agrees on that.

However, on most travel sites there’s available only a basic set of very limited information. Usually a marker on a map and a sentence or two about the location in the hotel description text.

The typical location info on a hotel listing page displays only a marker on a map

Providing poor information about a hotels’ location is similar to showing photos of the hotel facade, but not showing the photos of the rooms. It results in reduced booking confidence among users. Not having enough location insights leaves only two options to the user: to book quickly but “blindly”, or go elsewhere to find more information about a hotel location. Non of these two options are beneficial to the user, nor the travel site.

Why do travel sites usually have so limited location information?

While prices, photos and amenities descriptions come ready from a hotel distribution supplier, the location usually comes just as an address. Most of the meaningful location information, such as maps, area descriptions, nearby venues, nearby transport etc, are left to the travel site to compile and provide.

There is millions of accommodation properties across the globe. Providing and maintaining essential location context for each property, old and new, is a major challenge and a significant cost for any travel site.

Meet our new product: The TopPlace™ Location Page

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest product. The TopPlace™ Location Page displays the most interesting information about any given location, in one page. It bundles the most popular TopPlace™ products together with a customized map.

Think of it as “all of TopPlace™ products + a Map, in 1 place“.

Try our live demo for any hotel or address in the World!

TopPlace™ Location Page
TopPlace™ Location Page

Why a Location Page? Designed for a specific use

Like all TopPlace™ products, the Location Page has been designed for a specific use case. It is primarily designed to be placed on the Property Display Page (PDP) of travel websites. Most PDPs already have a location section. However, currently most travel sites simply provide a map with a marker pinpointing the hotel’s location.

The goal of the Location Page is to convert this area of the listing into an enhanced, rich source of essential location information for the user.

Transform the map into rich information
Transform the simple map into a rich source of location context

Providing the right information during the booking flow helps keep users on site, instead of inadvertently pushing them to jump to other sites like Google to find more information about the area. Let’s keep in mind that Google Maps is now also a travel meta-search and direct booking engine, thus increasingly becoming a serious competitor of most travel sites.

New: The Map is now included!

AVUXI provides the base maps as part of the Location Page. We use a custom style of Leaflet on OpenStreetMap, which is one of the worlds most rapidly growing maps with millions of contributors.

Including a base map greatly simplifies integration. It also allows our clients to significantly reduce their costs when using other maps.

However, if a client wants to continue using either Google Maps or Mapbox, that is possible too, as part of our custom services.

The different map options available

Very reasonably priced

The Location Page is part of the TopPlace™ suite of products and has maps included in the price. We pride ourselves on having probably the easiest and most transparent pricing in the location space. There are no additional charges and no hidden fees. For full details check our pricing.

The recently increased price of Google Maps by 1400% has driven a number of travel companies to re-think their website’s map strategy. The TopPlace™ Location Page can be the right alternative to keep costs at a reasonable, viable level, while providing a more meaningful user experience.

Much easier to implement

Integration requires precious time from developers. The Location Page, TopPlace™ plug & play product, can be integrated by 1 developer in less than 1 hour. This reduces both the complexity of the development efforts as well as the resources needed for any updates.

AVUXI prides itself on easy to implement products, and the Location Page is no different. We wanted to make the integration of all TopPlace™ products easier and faster. Rather than implementing 3 or 4 separate plug & play products, now all you need to implement is 1 product.

The new wizard allows quick customization of the templates

The pre-made templates are easily customisable via the Admin panel or CSS editing. However, for highly optimized sites looking to achieve the best possible results, we recommend to have a Custom made Location Page template.

A Location Page template
One of the Location Page templates available

Start with a Custom Template

As part of the launch we are currently taking requests for custom made templates. Please contact us and request a call for a quick free consultation.

If you are interested in the Location Page, sign up today or contact us here.