A Quick After-Summer Update

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Wow, what a lovely summer and what a dynamic start of autumn! We thought it would be a great time to give a short after-summer update.

We’ve been a little quiet on posting lately, but rest assured, we were here and working away. The reason for the hiatus was we’ve been super busy.

There’s a number of news items we want to share, and we will be posting about these separately soon. However here is a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to.

TopPlace™ Location Page is a big hit with clients

The release of the Location Page in May has been a big success. The release was quickly followed by a number of clients deciding they want to include the Location Page on their site.

The TopPlace™ Location Page is now live with KAYAK and Kasaz. Several clients, including Kasaz, wanted their own custom templates. We’ll be posting about it separately.

TopPlace™ Location Page on Kayak.com

New Clients

In addition to those adopting the Location Page, we had a number of new OTA’s joining the TopPlace™ family. A busy summer had prevented them from releasing new features during peak season. We will be posting about them shortly.

Major POI Update

Our tech team have also been working very hard on a major POI update. This has kept them very busy and we will be soon posting a full rundown of what is included.

If you like to try TopPlace™, feel free to sign up or reach out to one of our team who will be happy to help. We look forward to having more companies join our family of clients.