TopPlace™ Location Scores Now on Amadeus APIs Portal

We are glad to announce another step forward in our partnership with Amadeus. AVUXI’s TopPlace™ Location Scores are now also available via the Amadeus APIs Portal.

Back in 2019 AVUXI was the first 3rd party provider that was launched on the Amadeus Travel APIs Portal. The partnership started with a worldwide launch of the TopPlace™ Points of Interest (POIs). You can read Amadeus’s announcement and their more detailed follow-up post on the technology behind it.

TopPlace™ Location Scores on Amadeus for Developers APIs Portal
AVUXI’s TopPlace™ Location Scores on Amadeus for Developers APIs Portal

What are the Location Scores?

Location is a key criteria for a successful stay. The Location Scores allow accommodation providers to assign a set of scores on how popular is the location of any given hotel or vacation rental. For any place in the world.

A generic “great location” mention does not provide much insight. It can even be misleading. Every trip has a different context and every traveler has its preferences.

TopPlace™ Location Scores provide deeper insights into what activity a location is popular for: Sightseeing, Eating, Shopping and/or Nightlife. For example, a very popular shopping area is not necessarily popular for nightlife, or sightseeing.

What is the Amadeus APIs Portal?

The Amadeus for Developers Portal is the access point for the Amadeus Travel APIs. This is an initiative by Amadeus to enable access to the richest travel information in the industry. Developers are free to play, innovate and launch their own applications.

Anyone can sign up and start using instantly.

Why use the Amadeus APIs Portal?

Convenience and faster development. Amadeus APIs Portal is a great place to discover, test and implement a variety of essential Travel related APIs. All through a single account.

If you like to learn more, feel free to reach out to us, we will be happy to help.

We look forward to working with Amadeus to continue adding value to the Travel ecosystem!