Kasaz selects TopPlace Location Context for Real Estate

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Real estate portal Kasaz selected AVUXI’s TopPlace™ Maps and TopPlace™ Location Page for Real Estate products.



Kasaz is one of Spain’s most trusted property sites. All the information on the properties they post is carefully cross-checked and verified, along with exact locations and professional photos, so their visitors know what to expect from a property before visiting it in person.

We are glad that AVUXI was chosen as a technology partner by a visionary company like Kasaz, to provide its TopPlace™ Location products for Real Estate as part of a flexible and cost-effective service.


TopPlace™ Location Page for Real Estate on Kasaz

Location, Location, Location

The 1st factor that determines the value of a property is Location. It is commonly known that the price for nearly identical properties can be very different, just depending on their location. Yet, when searching for properties across most real estate websites, the location context shown is very poor.

The team at Kasaz understands that Location Context is important to their users. However, it takes a lot of time, effort and resources to develop and keep updated a platform to manage location data. Hence the decision to partner with AVUXI and leverage its ready-made location products.

What is Location Context?

A pin on a map can give an idea of where a property is located, but it does not tell much about what the area is like. It only shows the location, but it does not provide any context. Location context simply means insights generated by data, that help understand what a location is like. How good does it fit the requirements of the client.

Choosing a real estate property requires information about a number of location factors. For example, some frequent questions are:

  • How near are the public transport connections, grocery shops, schools?
  • How long would it take to get to work, school etc?
  • What are the average property prices in the area?
  • Is the property located near a popular, or emblematic area of the city?

TopPlace™ Features

Some of TopPlace™ built-in features are:

  • Selected points of interest (parks, transport, shops, schools…)
  • A route calculator (walk, bike, car)
  • Meaningful map layers
  • Multilingual versions supported

The map layers help visualize the context of the location:

  • The official neighborhood boundaries
  • The average price per m2
  • The average number of listings in an area
  • The most popular, iconic areas in the city

We are working on improving and releasing new Location Context features. As we evolve, so will the features and the locations context provided by our partners.