Announcing Location Scores for Travel on our New Platform

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We are very happy to announce that TopPlace™ Location Scores for Travel are now available on AVUXI’s new platform!

These are the first TopPlace™ Location Context products for Travel made available on the new platform since we launched it a month ago. Although the product has been available in the legacy platform, the new platform allows to tap into a growing amount of options and products.

More Travel products will be added soon. Stay tuned!

TopPlace™ Location Scores for Travel
Example of TopPlace™ Location Scores for Travel – option without nearby POIs

What are the TopPlace™ Location Scores for Travel?

The Location Scores for Travel are specially designed “web card” elements, or widgets, originally meant for OTA, Metasearch and Housing on Demand (mid-stay) sites.

These “info cards” provide location rating scores for every hotel and/or apartment in order to provide insights on how popular is the given area for activities like Sightseeing, Eating, Shopping and Nightlife. Some of the card options also include a list of top rated nearby POIs.

The Location Scores can be displayed on the listing results and on every hotel or vacation rental description page. For example, an extended option with nearby top points of interest can be placed just under the property photos or in the “Location” section.

Location Scores Hotel accomodationTopPlace™ Location Scores for Travel used in Almundo 

Why are TopPlace™ Location Scores relevant for your business?

Location is a top criteria when booking accommodation. It defines the desirability and pricing of any given accommodation. During the booking process a user can significantly change his mind regarding how much he’s willing to spend on a hotel or apartment, based on how good / convenient the location is.

Users need a quick and easy way to get better informed and reassured about their booking choice. This is especially true when trying to book in an unfamiliar destination. Allowing the users to identify the best options to stay at without leaving the booking site (to do research about the location elsewhere) results in better user retention and booking results.

However, there is often insufficient meaningful location information displayed on listing websites. This usually happens because it takes a lot of time and work to collect all the necessary location data, process it, extract the relevant elements and then convert them into a usable, easy to understand product.

With TopPlace™ every listed accommodation can be accompanied with essential location context after a quick and simple “copy-paste” integration.

At AVUXI we are obsessed with helping our customers to provide useful and contextually relevant location content on their sites. We strive to make it a simple process, with an affordable and very quick setup.


What are the new benefits of using our new platform?

We are very focused on catering to our clients needs and act accordingly. The added benefits of using the new TopPlace™ platform are:

✅ Free usage – now you can use our products for free, until you reach the monthly traffic threshold.

✅ Costs reduction – only pay for what you use, no fixed monthly fees (unless agreed upon request).

✅ Pricing transparency – now you easily compare our prices to other location products providers before deciding what’s the best option.

✅ No time constraints – now you can deploy our products at your own pace, without worrying about the end of the free trial period.

✅ Better insights – as each product is tracked and billed separately, it’s now very easy to understand the ROI of each product in use.


Why should this matter to You?

  • Enhance your user experience with the right location context – help users make informed decisions, faster
  • Generate more quality leads and increase conversions
  • Users like it! Make them want to use your service, again and again
  • Save months of work & development costs with a ready built, tested product
  • Save efforts & costs on data processing and updates
  • Clear & very affordable pricing

Easy & Quick Integration – Start for Free

It takes a very short time for 1 developer to integrate our products for in your website. It starts with just 2 lines of code. 

The subscription is FREE and it can remain free for websites with small traffic until you reach a threshold of 1000 widget loads per month. Websites with higher traffic only pay per use and will get volume discounts.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

Welcome to TopPlace™!