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It is our pleasure to to announce we are joining the sponsors of GeoMobBCN! As long time members of the Barcelona tech scene, we are delighted to see more and more people doing cool things with geo-innovation.

What is GeoMobBCN?

GeoMobBCN is the local Barcelona chapter of GeoMobThe GeoMob is a geo-innovation meetup group that brings together people interested in digital mapping and cartography.

Every meetup has a number of interesting companies present what they are doing. It’s a way to come together to exchange ideas, meet like minded people and have a little fun. After the meet up, we then head off to a local bar and have “geo-beers”.

The host of the last meet up shared some photos on Twitter

Who goes?

Anyone interested in digital mapping. That can mean a lot to a lot of different people. At GeoMobBCN, everyone interested in geo is welcome!

The talks are a chance to learn, but equally important is the dialogue between the attendees, which is why we hope everyone can stay around for #geobeers afterwards.

Why did we choose to sponsor?

We are big supporters of GeoMobBCN and are heavily tied into the Geo space with our Heatmaps and Location Scores. We have seen the travel geo-space change as a direct result of Google and Mapbox.

For us, sponsorship is a great way to show support for GeoMobBCN. We felt sponsorship was a great way to support the team. It also helps us meet like minded professionals, developers and investors. It is a great opportunity to network!

When is the next event?

The next GeoMobBCN meet up is on the 24th April. Speakers include:

If you are interested in hearing more from the GeoMobBCN team, signup to their news letter here.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Alexis Speaking at BCNGeoMob